Listening to our elders

Re:Think is focussed on re-imaging what life could be like, and should be like for aging seniors. Every person deserves to live their final years enjoyably, with dignity and respect.

Listening to what seniors have to say about their needs and choices is the best place to start, in order to change our systems of support for them. Their family caregivers and care workers also have valuable input.

Our goal is to enable those with lived experience to articulate and realize their vision of what support systems that really work could look like in terms of inclusion, dignity, and safety. The aim is to forge collaboration and facilitate new tools and approaches to rebuild long-term care.

Guiding Vision

We look towards a long-term care system that:
• sees people not patients
• responds to the needs of diverse communities
• respects the rights of older persons
• supports a sense of home and connection to community
• enables excellence and innovation
• provides a continuum of supports across a range of settings
• recognizes, values and supports family caregivers and workers

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