November 18, 2021

Collaborating For Change:
Re-Imagining Long-Term Care

The Re-Imagining Long-Term Care Collaboration Event was hosted by Re:Think Policy Change on November 18, 2021. This Event was intended as a starting point for dialogue, rather than a comprehensive analysis of any of the many issues raised. Its key purposes were to:

• Create a forum for connection, dialogue and collaboration among organizations and individuals who have been working towards transformation of long-term care;
• Explore and share strategies for change;
• Identify opportunities for Re:Think to support the ongoing efforts towards change.

The Event brought together 29 participants, each of whom has made significant contributions towards reform in long-term care, whether as researchers, advocates, thought-leaders, or institutional change-makers. Over the course of a morning, participants collectively engaged in a lively exploration of pathways towards meaningful change in long-term care, supported by a series of panel discussions and by the results of the Lessons Learned research project. Building on the results of the Lessons Learned project and the ensuing Report, four key questions were explored through-out the Event.

Lessons Learned from
25 Years of Long-Term Care Reform

Over many years, Canadian leaders in aging and long-term care have proposed recommendations for change and reform. But change has been slow to come, minimal in nature and woefully insufficient. The result: many seniors in long-term care continue to experience poor quality of life.

Making Change: Lessons Learned

The team at Re:Think Long-Term Care has carried out a significant review of these longstanding recommendations for reform, and has identified barriers that have slowed or prevented change. Our report, MAKING CHANGE: Lessons Learned from 25 Years of Long-Term Care Reform summarizes these findings and provides potential steps that can finally bring about meaningful reform.

The report was launched in November 2021, and is available here. It is designed to serve as an insightful review and a catalyst for active change.

We look forward to continuing to engage with key role players and individuals as we facilitate collaboration, significant actions and substantive projects that ignite new approaches and policies for long-term care.